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Achikwayra Collective


The Cat's Bone


“Everything that walks on its belly, everything that walks on four legs, everything that has many feet, with respect to everything that crawls on the ground, you must not eat them because it is an abomination.” Leviticus 11:42

From Cajamarquino territory, Achikwayra brings together a group of artists to reflect on the borders of the concept “body” and its need to contain animal presences in its biology and imagination. Drawing, in its capacity to expand and shrink the configuration of reality, is the route we take to make visible our personal, daily and community experiences, with respect to the aforementioned topic.

The human being, in his need to contain and be contained in other corporalities, both in his biological and spiritual development, dissolves his borders and becomes visible as an incomplete, disintegrated entity. This state is what we adopt as artists, from here; Our search is a blurring of our materiality, which rehearses drawings as random responses. In these tensions between being and not being, an alien body “an animal” appears that balances our biology and cosmos.

The body in its vegetative and sick state, strangely creates the need to eat certain parts of an animal in order to heal. Even stranger are the rituals and protocols for eating these meats. Many of these animals have to die or have to meet certain characteristics to adhere to human biology, others are capable of healing mental and spiritual states without the need for sacrifice.

Thus: the artist Betsabé from her territory “Bambamarca” illustrates to us how the search for a particular bone in cats has the power to make people invisible. While in other communities guinea pig blood is used to cure cancer – the illness of susto is cured by passing an egg on the sick body.

​Participating artists :

Edwin Cercado Zegarra
Manuel Limay Incil
Victor Aparicio Sánchez
Daniel Cotrina Rowe
Bathsheba Saucedo Ruiz
Yover Lumba Diaz
Mercedes Rodríguez Cruzado
Miguel Angel Llamoctata

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