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Art of Coexisting

FUGAZ | Art OF Coexisting

Fugaz | Arte de Convivir is a sociocultural initiative that creates community and recovers public spaces through art, innovation and creation. Fugaz proposes a place of coexistence between creativity and the environment that welcomes it; where there are no distinctions based on skin color, religion, socioeconomic level, sexual option or any other consideration. A place where the community is the source of inspiration to create and to live again with hope, helping each other and learning from those encounters.

Monumental Callao was trapped between places that spoke of a glory that is gone and that is awakening with impetus, for example: Real Felipe, Plaza Grau, Plaza Matriz, Plaza Gálvez and the port. The Historic Center of Callao is connected by old streets that, with their lanterns, tell of a bohemian past and ours, which had been swamped in oblivion. The old Ronald building and the houses that surround it make up, perhaps, one of the most architecturally valuable sites in Republican Peru.

We are a model of social management and a promise that is coming true. Peru is full of people who give their work a love for creating that really illuminates. Ours is a proposal that seeks to attract that light, but to blind the differences. Fugaz grows in synergy with members of the neighborhood, artists, gallery owners, cultural managers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and private organizations that are committed to a new social future in the area.

The initiative invites you to walk the streets through art, music, gastronomy, history, graffiti, literature, family activities and local culture. As a result, citizens are retaking public spaces, a wave of gratitude and hope is breathed where violence has dropped by 90% to recreate an identity far from referents of social unrest. A space that embraces freedom with "neighborhood" because we are all neighborhoods. Barrio not only evokes a place, but an idea: confidence, calm, home. A neighborhood with freedom to live and express themselves without fear and without any limit other than respect and tolerance towards others.


Fugaz has received nominal sponsorship from the Ministry of Culture, which highlights the initiative to promote the meeting and dissemination of national and international artists, as well as the diversity of techniques and artistic expressions, allowing citizens access to art samples, thus exercising their cultural rights. Likewise, it is proud to carry the Peru Brand and have the support of the embassies of Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, China, Cuba, Israel, Spain, among others. 

The Ibero-American Design Biennial of Madrid, BID 2018 awards FUGAZ the award Design and City, un award that emphasizes the search for solutions to the most important problems, which are not always the most visible: public transport, traffic and pollution; lack of equipment and free spaces; inequality and social precariousness; supplies and basic supplies; special attention to children, the elderly or minorities; hygiene, organization and significance of common spaces, etc..

In 2021, the prestigious TIMEOUT London magazine has recognized the streets of Monumental Callao among the 30 coolest in the world by highlighting its art, community life, murals and living culture. No.We are pleased to share with you this achievement that places Monumental Callao at the level of the largest undertakings in the world.

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