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Fugaz Art Residencies


Fugaz opens the call for residencies for foreign artists at Casa Fugaz, Monumental Callao. This internationally renowned sociocultural initiative integrates artistic, cultural, historical, and touristic experiences in the emblematic Peruvian port. The residency program offers a four-week exchange proposal to develop artwork, meet local artists, collaborate with the community, and exhibit in our art galleries.




How to Apply?

The applications are open for the year 2024. Visual artists are invited to submit their portfolios and artistic projects to be developed insitu to 8 artists will be selected in this call. The residency includes accommodation, workspace, and exhibition space; it does not cover travel expenses, per diem, materials, or installation costs.



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High speed internet with redundancy   fiber optic
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Boxing and yoga spaces 24/7
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Cultural agenda and social activities
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Gastronomía Restaurantes con menú desde S/ 20
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Common areas, lounge spaces and Rooftop Fugaz
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Acceso 24/7
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Parking for bicycles
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Be part of the social commitment and transformation of the neighborhood


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