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ACCUMULATION AND GESTUALITY FROM PAINTING Alejandro Alcázar develops through drawing and Alejandro Alcázar develops through drawing and painting, constructive spaces of memory linked to iconic spaces and monuments of the Lima city and thanks to the expressive line and the chromatic stain, he grants luminosity to his representations, charging them with subjectivity on the realistic basis of the icon.

Katchinas comes from the Hopi language, a community of Indians settled in the Arizona area and belonging to the Native American tribes. This term refers to the “life-bearing” spiritual beings that can be found in any existing element or thing in the natural world and that are produced with the purpose of maintaining these relationships and, also, as mechanisms to educate children about this system
of beliefs, but, above all, from the idea of totems.

In the case of Alejandro's works, their accumulation is part of his pictorial process, the development of his technical skill in which realism and light are combined as elements to build those mini universes of intimate and everyday relationships. A large mosaic of diverse views that perfectly describe a stopped social time installed in one of the exhibition rooms and constitutes the preamble to what comes next; three large bodies of paintings, made from pictorial abstraction, where the synthesis of language exposes a solid fusion between the gestural and the chromatic, generating a consistent expressionism.

Juan Peralta Berrios

Escala Libertador Collage, técnica mixta: Óleo, pan de aluminio y bronce, cartón de fibra de espárragos Georges Crible / Madera

Maremagnum Díptico, Collage - técnica mixta: Óleo, Acrílico, pan de aluminio y bronce/ Lienzo

La Piedad Técnica mixta: Óleo y óleo pastel/ Lienzo 130 x 100cm 2022120 x 100 cm . 120 x 100 cm 2022

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