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From August 25

as of November 3

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Fugaz presents the International Festival of Contemporary Art that gathers some of the most important Latin American art collections and brings artists from all around the world in a wide diversity of languages and formats.

ART.MO 2019

FUGAZ Art of Coexisting presents the third edition of the International Festival of Contemporary
Art ART.MO 2019 in Monumental Callao from April 27 to August of 2019 in which over fifty
artists will participate from eighteen different countries from Asia, Europe, and America. This
year has the participation of the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO); The Centre of Art of
Xiao Hui Wang; the showcase Alzheimer with the Chilean curatorship of Patricio Vogel and the
collective work of the resident artists of FUGAZ in MANA.

This year, MuFAU, the First Museum of Urban Art in Latin America, will be inaugurated,
including globally-recognized muralists under the curatorship of Joan Jimenez. In addition to
MuFAU, the “M I Museum + Barrio '' with the curatorship of Sonia Cunliffe and José Diaz who
reflect about the culture of urban art and the identity within our community.

ART.MO is an initiative from FUGAZ that reflects the barrio, its living, and intercultural spaces
where people come together, anonymous, personal or collective stories are strained and
intertwined, generating joint works where the performers are their own inhabitants are in control.
The festival is sponsored by The Ministry of Culture in Peru in order to promote the unity and
distribution of artists, both national and international, as well as the diversity of artistic
expressions allowing citizens to access art samples and thus exercise their cultural rights.



Curator: Juan Antonio Molina Cuesta

“Under Construction. Tales from Latin America in the CIFO Collection” The exhibition brings together works of eighteen Latin American winning artists in different editions of the Scholarship and Commissions Program CIFO. The exhibition - cultural project from CIFO, will open its doors to the public until the end of June in Casa Fugaz, Monumental Callao.

These Latin American stories are built through denial of symbols, of finding in the constant process of identities. The “Latin American” and what is told from Latin America are two categories that promote multiple-response questions, such as overlapping social and historical essays. The artists of the region in recent generations have been promoting searches for a universalist vocation, either through conceptual language or from the use of audiovisual in its video-artistic, documentary, performance aspects, and its various hybridizations.

xiao_Mylast100years_Joyous Time.jpg

“Blossom of Shanghai” ” Xiao Hui WANG is a Chinese artist, photographer, designer, filmmaker, sculptor, and author. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has received numerous awards, both in China and in other parts of the world. The Xiao Hui Wang Museum of Art in Suzhou is named after her. She has been a professor at Tongji University since 2003, where she directs the Xiao Hui Wang Art Center. She spends her time traveling between China and Germany, participating in numerous cultural activities.
The exhibition "Blossom of Shanghai" occupies two large rooms in Monumental Callao. Her speech focuses on the role of women in the art world through the series:
•    My Last Hundred Years
•    The Eros of Flowers
•    Isolated Paradise

1sea remains-Ramirez AZHEIMER.jpg

“Alzheimer” The exhibition, curated by the Chilean artist Patricio Vogel, proposes to approach memory from oblivion, conceived from the link between different artistic creations and dialogues, with the idea of contributing new visions and displacements of memory within the context of art. contemporary.
Chilean artists participating:
•    Claudia Del Fierro
•    Hugo Leonello
•    Enrique Ramirez
•    Pablo Núñez
•    Bárbara Palomino
•    Sebastián Jatz
•    Teresa Aninat
•    Patricio Vogel


“Fugaz @ MANA” Since 2016, Fugaz has been steadily promoting a residency program in alliance with MANA Contemporary - Miami, an exchange experience that allows Peruvians to develop artistic projects in FUGAZ and MANA. The exhibition brings together the work of residents in recent years.
•    Raura Oblitas
•    Ronny Camero
•    Brus Rubio
•    Alvaro Simons
•    Francesca Dasso
•    Miguel Andrade


“MuFAU” ART.MO is proud to present MuFAU, the first urban art museum in Latin America that will bring together the work of prominent graffiti artists and muralists from different parts of the world under the curatorship of Joan Jiménez “Entes”. Monumental Callao has hosted urban art festivals in recent years and its route is considered by some media to be one of the main ones in Latin America.


“M | Museo + Barrio” Under the curatorship of José Diaz and Sonia Cunliffe, the exhibition brings together pieces by different urban and visual artists who intervene, appropriate or collect elements from the street to reflect on identity. The popular “barrios” and living spaces where anonymous personal or collective stories converge are the only museum-based facilities where the artists are their own inhabitants. They are born from the spontaneity that everyday life confers on it and that, through it, give meaning and identity to our city. Although many people only give it the utilitarian sense as a transit space, these places reach their real dimension when they read and perceive with attention the various elements that compose it: music, language, art, sport, among other socio-cultural manifestations. And because not also its violence and resilience, but integration.

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