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This composition combines works from the “Crisálida” and “Estados de Agnosia” series and a work that is a preview of the new project of my next individual.


The “Crisálida” series was born from a performance carried out in 2015, where the characters were transformed into transgressive elements of an imaginary space, becoming inanimate beings that were inserted as another element in the composition of the works.

These beings have a performative nature, modifying the relationship between space and the objects that accompany them.


This psychological tension continues in “States of Agnosia”, the senses are partially or totally covered, distancing us from the emotions with a dehumanizing effect where the image lacks identity, in a surreal atmosphere that continues to evolve in each piece, welcoming more and more to the darkness.


The work “Instinct” is the breaking point where household, decorative and collectible objects take a more dominant role, allowing messages to be transmitted that the characters cannot achieve in their akinetic state. In this way, that state of contained sexual violence is released and becomes a language through objects and spaces.

Camila Figallo

Visual artist graduated with a Silver Medal from the Corriente Alterna School of Visual Arts (Lima, 2015). His projects move between different media such as painting, drawing, installation and performance, to develop a particular iconography that revolves around the symbolic representation of the questioned individual as a subject/object/device of power, appropriation and consumption. With a sober palette and great work on details, he deploys inanimate characters that play various performative roles in front of objects, scenarios and situations of submission.

Among his distinctions are the nomination as a finalist in the XII National Painting Competition (Banco Central de Reserva del Perú, 2021); First Prize in the Embotellarte 2012 Contest (Miami, 2012); and in the selection to integrate the thirteenth edition of Flamantes (Spain, 2019), an annual publication that brings together a renewed panorama of young Ibero-American art.

Balance I óleo sobre lienzo 1mx70 cm 2022

Lo Indicible I óleo sobre lienzo 130x130cm 2020

El Descanso óleo sobre lienzo 40x60cm 2022

Cuarto Menguante óleo sobre lienzo 70x50cm 2022

Sinestesia I óleo sobre lienzo 1mx70cm 2021

Lo Indicible II óleo sobre lienzo 130x130cm 2020

Suspensión III óleo sobre lienzo 40x60cm 2022

Zoom I óleo sobre lienzo 54x27cm 2021

Zoom II óleo sobre lienzo 40x20cm 2021

Zoom IV óleo sobre lienzo 40x27cm 2020

Zoom III óleo sobre lienzo 36.7x27cm 2020

Zoom V óleo sobre lienzo 30x30cm 2020

Estados de Agnosia III Técnica mixta (polícromo, acuarela y tinta china) 29.7x21cm 2022

Simbiosis Técnica mixta (polícromo, acuarela y tinta china) 29.7x21cm 2022

Estados de Agnosia I Técnica mixta (polícromo, acuarela y tinta china) 29.7x21cm-2022jpg

Apertura -óleo sobre lienzo- 50 x 70cm-2022

Estados de Agnosia II Técnica mixta(polícromo, acuarela y tinta china) 29.7x21cm 2022

Cuarto Menguante- Técnica mixta(polícromo, acuarela y tinta china)-29.7x21cm-2022

Este espacio ha sido intencionalmente dejado en blanco 25x42cm polícromos, tinta china y tierra 2019

Método para filtrar la memoria polícromo, tinta china y acuarela 1.68mx1.19m 2022

Ruptura#2 polícromos, tinta china y tierra 18.5x29.5cm 2019

Ruptura#1 polícromo, tinta china y tierra 36x27cm 2019

Sin filtro polícromos, tinta china y tierra 21x29.5cm 2019

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