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Ronald House - Ronald Passage

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The Ronald Building constitutes one of the most important urban landmarks of monumental Callao because it breaks with the local architecture of the Chalaco port. It is a sumptuous and monumental building ordered to be built by Mr. Guillermo Ronald y Padilla, owner of various factories and companies dedicated to the import and sale of merchandise in both Callao and Punta. Mr. Ronald, a resident of Callao and with a broad vision of architecture, inaugurated the modern building in 1928 for institutional, commercial and residential use.

It is a neoclassical style building, five stories high. The property is characterized by its symmetrical façade and its double-height central passage that connects the Jirón Independencia with the Jirón Constitución, giving spatial continuity with the Ecuador Passage. The journalistic notes of the time describe it as one of the most important buildings in Callao, built with reinforced concrete and steel beams, with Italian marbles and mosaics, cedar wood and metal-structured and fluted glass. Also notable in the building is the interior passage known as Ronald Passage, whose interior is decorated with marble, as well as busts of figures of art and science. Due to its architectural quality and the originality in its design and distribution, the Ronal Building is declared a historical monument. Likewise, in 2011 and 2015 the Ronald Building was chosen by the Casacor organization (Decoration, architecture and art event in Latin America) to host the Casacor Peru exhibition, highlighting one of the most emblematic buildings in the urban and architectural history of Callao.


Historian of the Directorate of Real Estate Historical Heritage

Ministry of Culture of Peru

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