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The Valega House


The property is located in one of the most important arteries of old Callao, both along the Jirón Gálvez and Independencia there are elements of notable artistic and urban planning value, highlighting this property's balconies of exceptional craftsmanship that together with the Plaza Matriz maintain an urban harmony as a whole. It is a two-level building for residential and commercial use, dating from the second half of the 19th century.

Its construction is associated with the Valega, a family of prosperous Italian merchants who arrived in Peru in the first great wave of migration in the first decades of the 19th century. Felix Valega arrived at the port of Callao in 1806 and quickly managed to acquire a great fortune, being one of the main financiers of the construction of the mother church of Callao. Due to its architectural merits, Casa Valega is declared a Monument of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation by Supreme Resolution No. 2900-72-ED of December 28, 1972.


Historian of the Directorate of Real Estate Historical Heritage

Ministry of Culture of Peru

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