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From August 13
To September 13

FUGAZ Art of Coexisting presents Foto Monumental 2016 to take place from August 13 to September 13 within the framework of the photography week in Lima. This event will be held thanks to different alliances with private companies, art, and the community.

Foto Monumental is the result of an investigation carried out by Sonia Cunliffe (Director of Fugaz), Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann (Director of the Meier Ramirez publishing house), Santiago Roose (Director of the Contemporary Photography Program of Corriente Alterna) and Roberto Huarcaya (Director of the Center from image).

This festival will present 4 major exhibitions around photography in its various applications, from the historical record to contemporary art.

RIKIO SUGANO 1923-1924

Luces 2016 Award: Best International Photography Exhibition

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 The Jan Mulder collection in loan with the Image Center presents the negatives of the “Japanese Immigrants” collection, which have a great documentary and artistic value that highlight the Peruvian-Japanese relationship of the early 1920s. As part of the images are portraits of the Japanese community in Peru (children and adults), shots of sporting events, monuments, archaeological sites, factories, work centers, squares, views of Lima and the north coast. The background includes an important series of negatives in which Rikio Sugano, a Japanese adventurer who visited Peru from 1923 to 1924, is portrayed.

Room Views



In the exhibition and workshop room of the Corriente Alterna School of Contemporary Visual Arts, the third class of graduates of the Photography Diploma presents their thesis works developed over the course of a year and a half


Militza Carrero, Mariana Giuffra, Patricia Guanais, Stefanie Kronemberg, Fiorella Laca, Claudia Martínez, María Alejandra Olórtegui, Dafne Perez, Magdiel Quispe.



In the Monumental room, future promises of contemporary photography will be convened and a new space will be created to promote the emerging artists at a national level.


Manuel Alcazar, Ana Rosa Benavides, Alexander Caballero, Amanda del Carpio, Gabriela Concha, Jero Gonzales, Mary Huaman, Veronica Lanza, Alvaro Loayza, Sandra Marte, Rosana Monteverde, Carolina Narro, Tomás Orrego, Sebastian Poggi, Lucy Raffo, Matías Sanfilippo, Luna Sibadon, Benjamín Sueno, Eva Valenzuela.


Andrés Marroquín y Santiago Roose

Room Views



The FUGAZ room on the 5th floor will present a collective with renowned artists from the local and international scene. Among the invited artists are Ding Musa (Brazil), Carlos Jimenez Cahua (USA / Peru), Henrik Mahlstrom (Finland), Herbert Mulanovich (Peru), Sergio Vega (Buenos Aires) and Juan Javier Salazar (Peru).

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