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Erika Humala

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He separates himself from the usually known world, to establish another unusual one, where he can metamorphose his being in eloquent and vindicating paintings that manage to disturb like an enigma.
Deepening the form and space with multiple meanings through strokes where the lines are transmuted into feelings and experiences, in its liberated rhythm of sacred dance, where the fury of painting is synonymous with purity, turning its expression into permanent magic, its magic ; plunging into the depths of his sensitivity, his beliefs and superstitions, conditioning his pictorial work to the point of enchantment...
Erika's Work is linked to gestures and the power of color, her formats explore abstract expressionism and symbolism, using vibrant colors and elaborate compositions. His work has been exhibited in important galleries, and he has just exhibited the individual Bio MM21, curated by Angel Chávez, in the CC Tierra Baldía room.

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