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Fugaz I Art of Coexisting presents the fourth edition of the International Festival of Photography
FOTO MONUMENTAL taking place in Callao Monumental from September 14 to January 2019.
In this edition, the festival will reunite different samples of documentary photographs that in its
aesthetic and speech will reflect our country and celebrate its cultural diversity, ethnicity,
ethnolinguistic, sexuality, geographic, historical and religious. A single Peru.

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Peruvian Documentary Photography Essays (1989-2018)

The Cholo Eye presents the work of seventeen artists whose documentary photographic essays are among the best produced in the country between 1989 and 2018. Photographers dedicated to aesthetic research and information registration, creating links with photographed subjects and exploring and documenting diverse, contradictory, and surprising realities at the same time. Schwarz's book was followed by sixteen documentary photo essay books and there are nearly a dozen other works ready to go to press soon.

The works presented in this exhibition constitute meeting points between the photographed reality and the author's own; documentary photography with the necessary informative dose but on a frank path towards the sensory, the evocative, the intimate, towards that point in which the visual narrative evidences the emergence of an author. Consequently, this exhibition, the first that gathers a large part of the Peruvian documentary photographic essay production of the last
thirty years, aims not only to make the aforementioned essays visible but also to invite the viewer to reflect: whatever the documented reality, the human condition is unique: we are all equal, beings with dreams expressed through our actions.


Cecilia Larrabure


Jorge Deustua

Miguel Mejía

Franz Krajnik

Daniel Pajuelo

Yayo López

Cecilia Larrabure

Fidel Carrillo

Jaime Rázuri

Liz Tasa

Javier Silva

Raúl García

Nancy Chappell

Paco Chuquiure

Sebastian Castañeda

Gladys Alvarado

Omar Lucas



Xiao Hui WANG and his team of photographers crossed the Pacific Ocean for the first time and flew more than 20,000 kilometers just because Gil told a story about FUGAZ.

Xiao Hui WANG told Chinese photographers about the history of FUGAZ and it caught their eyes. Six photographers were chosen to travel to Peru. They stayed in FUGAZ for a month and recorded the unique images of FUGAZ with their cameras and explored the historical traces behind these photos. Each scene and ordinary characters have extraordinary stories. They selected six groups of works in thousands of photos. The authors of these six groups are photographers with some influence in China.

TTang Hui, the author of "Utopia", is a famous portrait photographer in China. His group of works has taken advantage of his portrait photography. Lin Weijian, the author of "Community", is a famous commercial photographer. He went to Peru to create artistic photography. Zhao Lishan, author of "Color", is famous in China for filming the popular customs of Tibet. Xu Wei, author of "The Lima Smile", has been making large-scale movies for the best fashion magazines in China. Sai Li, author of "That Girl", although young has created a platform for tens of thousands of photographers in China, is also an entrepreneur. Liu Xilong, the author of "Pals", is a young designer who just returned from China from a 7-year study abroad. His photography and video works have emerged.

The works they created from FUGAZ are particularly interesting. It is the beginning of the "China@ Peru" international art exchange program between the Xiao Hui WANG Art Center and FUGAZ.

Curatorship: XIAO Guanhong and Alternating Current


Rolf Art Gallery (Argentina)

As part of the main program of the IV International Festival of Photography, Foto Monumental 2019, the Rolf Art gallery presents a single show paying tribute to the Argentine artist, Graciela Sacco (1956 - 2017), with a selection from her iconic series "Bocanada" (1993) ; as well as the exhibition "Stories on Identity" with works by the Peruvian, based in the United States, Milagros de la Torre, and the Argentine artist Santiago Porter.


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