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Gloria Quispe Tinco
“Wandering Graph”

Gráfica Errante, in this month of the homeland, receives the works of Gloria Quispe Tinco (Lima, 1990) her reflections born in this house called Peru, where when something does not go well, as happens today, we meet again in the streets or space Fleeting.
Gloria has a name of pure will, she carries strength, courage and work in each letter; When her contemporaries felt that everything was done and they had to continue thinking about the same thing as always, she was restless and doubted that comfort; He looked for an experience that would mark his future, he found that possibility in Mexico, exactly in Oaxaca. She applied for a residency and managed to be accepted into the Community Artistic Workshop (TAC) where she would find the place to temper her creative nerves with the support of teacher Mario Guzmán. On that trip he found himself fully in a space claimed by the teacher Francisco Toledo (1940 - 2019), in that town he found more than 50 graphics workshops and above all the mystique that he sought for his artistic actions. That trip confirmed to him that nothing is impossible.
In Oaxaca, Gloria will live the most intense period of her creative freedom, where the sweat caused by using graphic tools and instruments in the many hours of work will draw out of her all the strength she incubated. The mural engraving or muralist engraving, as large format engraving is called in Mexico, will take his work as a way. The artist finds in the action of recording “expelling her conflicts” are her words and one wonders, in the country who does not have problems? knows that resisting these days, I say days, because talking about a long time is playing with predictions, there is no greater pretension than believing that something can be planned for five years from now, among us tomorrow in art is as uncertain as today . A clear example of this is inscribed in the work Inti, the name of the young murder alongside Bryan. Deaths that were enough to put an end to an illegal government that did not last a week.
Gloría raises the idea of wandering from the conception of two works of her first individual entitled: Exogenesis I and II, two gigantic works, where each character is life-size, they illustrate the theory that life came from another place foreign to the earth, a foot and a hand throw us to this planet, by good or bad means? here we are Works conceived in Oaxaca, in the TAC workshop in 2018.

Israel Tolentino

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