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“Escenas Interiores"
Curaduría: Pablo Villaizán

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Genre scenes are a type of work of art, mainly pictorial, in which normal people are represented in everyday scenes, from private life, contemporary to the author. What distinguishes the genre scene is that it represents scenes of daily life, such representations can be realistic, imaginary or embellished by the artist. It is for all these reasons, with the future becoming monotonous, that for such purposes Palacios injects a large amount of color in order to remove that static layer and counteract the phlegmatic and calm feeling of ordinary events.

In parallel with this idea of confinement, Palacios also conceives for his ideology a series in which he makes clear the casualties of the prolonged period of quarantine. These images that could be seen as homogeneous wish to build gender equality, their very creation is the mold, the matrix of millions of people who have died due to the pandemic.

It is ultimately the extreme materialization of the face without concealment, without secrets or social demands, its form obvious the presence of skin, makeup or any other artificiality. The skull is the origin of everything, the purest and most nuclear semblance of life, its dying appearance supports the body while it lives, gives it strength to stand and makes existence possible.

Finally, in the context of modern art, the term genre painting has been mainly related to a work of especially sentimental or anecdotal nature, painted with a traditionally realistic technique, figurative for the purposes that Palacios concludes, representing events in which, the figures Individuals play a predominant role.

©Pablo Villaizan
Lima, August 2022

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