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Mariel Reyes
Guillermos Saldaña


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Let your senses flow in space, observe without intervening, discovering shapes and sounds that rebel against the obvious: lines, shadows, textures, external and internal sounds, primary forms of objects. Create spaces within the space itself, intimate abstractions that reinterpret the action of “inhabiting” a place.

In that sense, COTIDIANO seeks to make the imperceptible hyper-visible, thus revealing multiple geographies and visual and sound ecosystems that coexist in the same space. Which only exist in the encounter with sensorialities that investigate their details and recreate them from their bond as inhabitants.

We construct spaces as extensions of ourselves and we can observe in them with the same thoroughness with which we can observe in ourselves. In this way, Reyes and Saldaña's sonographic installation decided to explore the encounter between the visual and the sound to build maps that were both a reflection of these microuniverses and of those of us who travel through them and (ourselves) build them based on our daily sensibility.

COTIDIANO thus seeks to explore both transit spaces and more intimate and personal spaces within a house. Figures and sounds extracted from space and intervened and focused from abstraction as an aesthetic resource. We focus on sensations, decontextualizing and exploring the dialectic between being a place and not being one, between materiality and the ethereal.

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