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Martin Tokeshi
“Mission 59: Keep your friends close

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Using the color pink to create shapes and lines, Martín Tokeshi continues his exploration and work on his personal interests (in this case video games) incorporating an already recognizable and marked aesthetic. Tokeshi is inspired by GTA: Vice City, a video game released in 2002 by Rockstar Games whose plot tells the daily life of Tommy Vercetti, an emerging criminal who seeks power and revenge in the criminal world. The paintings feature scenes of action, crime and corruption, inspired by the game. GTA Vice City was a cultural phenomenon that transcended the world of video games. Its references to the pop culture of the time, its vintage style and its soundtrack full of musical hits from the 80s had a more than significant impact. Additionally, the game sparked debates about violence in video games and creative freedom in the industry, influencing discussions about the limits of art and interactive entertainment.

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