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Rafael Jimenez Oliver


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“Colors of Conflict” is an artistic project that addresses as its main theme the time of the internal armed conflict in Peru (1980-2000), and arises with the desire to update already historical languages and give them a new existence, seeking to bring together painting and digital aesthetics, based on the chromatic and achromatic deconstruction of photographic images that are part of the archives of the time. This deconstruction is generated through design tools, which have allowed the creation of a new color palette (Pantone), which is used -mostly- for the development of the pieces of this project. Now, starting from this desire, the present project appropriates the aesthetics of the pixel, making a personal analogy of this reduction and deformation of the image, with the current state of memory in our country.

No hay mañana sin ayer: S/.3 000

Serie PANTONE: S/.500 c/u *Húsares J *Cantuta 2 *Chavín H 2 *Juanjuí 1

Húsares J 01: s/.500

[Re]construcción: S/.1200

Kenneth Anzualdo 1: S/.300 Kenneth Anzualdo 2: S/.1000 Dora Oyague 1: S/.300 Dora Oyague 2: S/.1000

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