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Ronny Camero

Experimental Pedextre

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As we tour the districts of Lima and Callao, could we recognize what elements connect us with the stories of our city and our public life? The individual exhibition “Pedestre y experimental” by the Peruvian artist Ronny Camero brings us closer to his urban intervention/relationship with elements that are re-thought as aesthetic objects.

Ronny takes on urban space through experimental drifts in a city constantly modified by its own inhabitants. This appropriation of elements that could seem everyday; such as plastics, flags and fabrics are decontextualized from their place of origin. They strip away the signs established by the city so that they take on autonomy as art objects. This aestheticization of the object-pieces encourages a reflective and poetic look in everyday environments to discuss the mechanisms that are established so that some objects are or are not included within the category of “artistic”.

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